‘Joist’ Allows Contractors to Create Estimates, Invoices on the Go

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If you’re a contractor looking to go digital with your estimates and invoices, Winnipeg-based Joist aims to make your life a lot easier. The app allows contractors to take their paperwork to the cloud, with data accessible from any iPhone, iPad and the web.

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Custom estimates can be created instantly (emailed too) and then turned into invoices, plus the app also allows contractors to manage customer payments, set tax rates and even export data into your accounting program to reduce bookkeeping costs.

The rationale behind Joist is by taking your estimates and invoices digital, you can land more sales as you’ll be able to act quickly to meet your customers’ needs, plus look like a tech pro in the process.

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In speaking with Joist co-founder Brendan Sedo, he tells us the idea behind the app started when he and fellow co-founder Justin Kathan created their own custom iPad app to help scale a mobile service company they were working for.

Soon, client interest in the app spurred the idea to create Joist, which has been worked on full time since September of last year after they teamed up with their technical co-founder Michael Gauthier. The trio was able to raise a small investment from Angel investors.

Sedo told us Joist is focusing its efforts on the small contractor market, companies with less than 10 employees. Currently, the following companies are using Joist: T & S Renovations, Legacy Concrete, LakeLife Solutions, and Finished Hardwood Floors.

Joist looks to solve the problem of creating estimates and invoicing on paper by taking it to the cloud. The design of the app is simple enough to allow contractors to quickly do their jobs instead of worrying about paperwork.

Click here to download Joist–it’s free. Let us know if you’re going to use Joist for your company.