Leasematic 2.0: Calculate Any Car Lease or Loan Easily from iPhone [u]

When it comes to car buying, knowledge is power. Being prepared before you walk into the dealership can pay dividends. If your next car will be leased or financed, Leasematic for iOS can help you do complex calculations right on your iPhone easily and quickly.

Its recent 2.0 update brings a fresh new design for iOS 7 which also added a loan calculator, the ability to add custom fees and set default values, AirDrop support for sharing deals, charts to visualize your deal and more.

What’s New in Version 2.0
• Redesigned for iOS 7
• Added Loan Calculator: Loan and Lease calculator in one great app
• Added Payment Customizer: Allows your to set desired Payment and Cash Due!!
• Redesigned Fees screen with ability to add custom fees and set default values
• Redesigned Multiple Security Deposit screen
• Added Airdrop Support: Share Deals, Summary/Compare Screenshots using Airdrop!
• Added Charts to visualize total cost breakdown
• Added ability to save Dealer/Customer Name and Phone.
• Added ability to default State and Sales Tax Rate
• Updated rules for States – including States that don’t allow Trade-In Sales Tax Credit

We had spotted Leasematic on an online car forum and we had to take it for a test drive. Step by step wizards prompt you for relevant info then you just let the app do the hard work. The update even has an entry for multiple security deposits, something that can help lower your monthly lease payments.

Leasematic Leasematic 2

Leasematic 3 Leasematic 4

We do wish the font was a bit larger and easier to read though as it’s a bit small. Surely you don’t want small font to lead to a mistake when entering in numbers to calculate.

Created by indie developer Haris Khan from New Jersey, Leasematic retails for $1.99 in the App Store. Although there are other free online lease and loan calculators, Leasematic is a polished app that automates tedious calculations right on your iPhone. In the heat of negotiations, the $2 you spend could pay dividends.

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Enjoy the app and share your thoughts in the comments!

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