Locational: GPS Manager For iPhone

Track where you are, where you’ve been and create location-based datasets for fitness or travel with Locational for iPhone. If you need, or have been looking for, a location/GPS manager app for your iPhone, Locational provides a fantastic user interface and very simple controls.

The app provides three sets of data for users through three simple tabs along the bottom of the display: current location information, waypoints, and datasets.

Current Location Information

The location tab provides the most amount of information for users. Information such as the current address, speed, altitude, coordinates, and heading/direction are provided. All of the information is updated in real-time, which means that as you move, your altitude, speed, and location are continually changing and being updated. The user interface is fantastic, with sticky notes stuck to a cork-board and easy to read data.


To get more detailed information, Locational also provides waypoints for places that users are going to and going from. Waypoints can be created from a local search or an address book contact. Once made, the waypoints are visualized as pins on a map.


Lastly, Locational provides users with datasets with specific statistics. These are great for fitness or outdoor activities and are visualized on graphs and maps.

Across the entire app, Locational provides its measurements in metric or imperial and the data may be shared via Evernote, email, Twitter, Facebook, text message, tumblr

Locational is available in the App Store for $1.99.