‘Tiny Buddha’ iPhone App Launches, Hits App Store Top 10 in Just 24 Hours

For followers of the Tiny Buddha, the inspirational website has launched its own iPhone app to offer you ‘love’ on the go, and in just 24 hours the app is already lighting up the App Store charts.

LOVE by Tiny Buddha was created after founder Lori Deschene kept hearing from her community they wanted daily reminders to stay positive and inspired, she tells iPhoneinCanada.ca:

The idea for the app came from feedback from the Tiny Buddha community about what they’d enjoy for features. I knew Love & Relationships is the most popular blog category and I knew people wanted daily reminders. Some asked for quotes and affirmations, and I decided to add questions and challenges.”

The slick-looking app was thought out to be simple and elegant, as envisioned by Canadian designer Joshua Denney of Think Web Strategy (he also designed iPhoneinCanada.ca). You just select whether you want Questions, Challenges, Affirmations or Quotes to appear in your daily schedule, which also lets you set the time and frequency.

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Users of the app can also get ‘instant’ notes, which can be easily shared via Facebook or email:

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Since launching only two days ago, LOVE by Tiny Buddha has already made its way up the worldwide App Store charts according to App Annie data, hitting the overall top spot in Malta, while reaching the overall #10 spot in Canada and the USA. In its first day, it was download just under 3,500 times but the traction was enough to vault it up the App Store ranks.

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In the Lifestyle category, the app has already hit the #1 spot in nine countries and overall has reached the top 10 in six countries. Not too shabby for their first iOS app!

LOVE by Tiny Buddha is an app that can help you stay motivated, inspired and positive throughout the day. In this day and age it’s easy to get pessimistic and negative with all that social media jazz you see on Twitter and Facebook. If there’s one app you need to download for inspiration and to stay grounded—this is the one.

Click here to download LOVE by Tiny Buddha on sale for $0.99 in the App Store (it’ll soon be $2.99 next week). It’s a fraction of what you’d pay for a latte and it can definitely give your day a boost and enable you to take a moment to reflect.

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Tiny Buddha wants you to try the app for free with the following promo codes. In exchange, all you have to do is to promise to share one quote with your friends from within the app. Enjoy and be sure to say thanks if you nabbed a code.