Microsoft Adds iCloud Drive Support to Office for iOS

Microsoft has today released an update for its Office applications. The 1.6 update brings — alongside bug fixes — a welcome addition that’s only available to users running iOS 8: iCloud Drive support.

The partnership with Dropbox has already suggested that Microsoft is open to new ways, and today the software maker reassured its customers once more of their commitment to making documents accessible – no matter where they are stored.

By releasing version 1.6 of its Office suite of apps (for iOS), Microsoft has enabled iCloud Drive support. Starting today, users can open, edit and save their work to iCloud, as it appears as a storage option under the “Locations” tab.

New Cloud storage integration for Office 1

What this means is that iPhone and iPad owners can have full use of iCloud without an Office 365 subscription or needing to use Microsoft’s cloud storage, OneDrive.

The move is similar to what we saw last November with Dropbox integration, which brought free document editing to the Microsoft Office suite of apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.