New Fitbit iOS 2.1 Update Turns iPhone 5s into Activity Tracker

Fitbit for iOS has received a 2.1 update which now turns your iPhone 5s into a basic activity tracker using the new MobileTrack feature. The feature is limited to the the iPhone 5s, as the latter’s M7 motion coprocessor will supply activity data to the app.

The Fitbit app now features MobileTrack which offers basic Fitbit activity tracking directly using your iPhone 5s.
Redesigned Silent Alarms settings. Set, switch, edit, and remove alarms faster than ever.
Set your own custom water goal.
Redesigned profile editor.
Redesigned tracker settings.
Redesigned sign-up and sign-in.
Tap on people in Friend Finder to see their profile.
Swipe on friends on your leaderboard to Cheer, Taunt, or Message.
Tap on tabs to auto-scroll to the top.

 Fitbit Fitbit2

Of course, the app won’t capture as much activity data such as the actual Fitbit Flex band ( has it on sale for $79.99, 20% off with free shipping), but it’s one way to get more people using the Fitbit app.

Back in November, the Nike+ Move iOS app was released to also take advantage of activity data from the M7 motion coprocessor found within the iPhone 5s.

Click here to download Fitbit for iOS—it’s free.