‘Passport 2017’ iPhone App Helps You Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday

On July 1, 2017, Canada will celebrate its glorious 150th birthday, with Canadians coast-to-coast poppin’ bottles of maple syrup and eating copious amounts of back bacon, while playing hockey and lacrosse. A new iOS app called Passport 2017 will help you stay in touch with all the events in your area, plus news and more.

The app is a companion to the Passport2017.ca website, and is funded partly by the Government of Canada, along with partners such as The Weather Network, Postmedia, Historic Canada, CFOC, Maclean’s, Business Wire, Bell Media, CAA, 150 Alliance and The Canadian Press.

-Find festivals, events and activities in your area
-Get a curated newsfeed tailored to your unique interests
-Discover original content every day
-Save events in your calendar and bookmark stories for later
-Browse articles from top Canadian writers on food, travel, culture, sports and more

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If you’re wondering why the app’s name is “Passport”, here’s their explanation:

Why “Passport,” you ask? Well, the idea sprung from recollections of Expo ’67, when Canada marked its 100th birthday. Over 50 million people visited Montreal that year, many of them passing through internationally themed pavilions set up on Île Sainte-Hélène and Île Notre-Dame. Each pavilion check in was good for one stamp in a souvenir Expo ’67 passport. We took that concept and digitized it with Passport 2017: Soon you’ll be able to collect in-app stamps of your own as rewards for reading and sharing stories or attending events throughout 2017. And we’ll always keep you in the loop, from now through the end of December—if something great’s going on, you’ll know about it.

Click here to download Passport 2017 for iPhone in the App Store. An iMessage Stamp Pack was released back in September, available here.