Marco Arment Pulls ‘Peace’ iOS Content Blocker from App Store

iOS 9 allowed developers to create their own content blocking apps to strip away advertising on websites. Marco Arment, founder of Instapaper, launched Peace for iOS just 36 hours ago. It quickly vaulted into the top paid spot in the U.S. and Canada. But now, he has decided to suddenly pull it from the App Store.

Here’s why, according to Arment (he also urges users to ask iTunes support for a refund):

Achieving this much success with Peace just doesn’t feel good, which I didn’t anticipate, but probably should have. Ad blockers come with an important asterisk: while they do benefit a ton of people in major ways, they also hurt some, including many who don’t deserve the hit.

Peace required that all ads be treated the same — all-or-nothing enforcement for decisions that aren’t black and white. This approach is too blunt, and Ghostery and I have both decided that it doesn’t serve our goals or beliefs well enough. If we’re going to effect positive change overall, a more nuanced, complex approach is required than what I can bring in a simple iOS app.

Such an interesting move by Arment, but good on him to follow through on his gut instincts.

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