Quick Key Launches: Teachers, Mark Tests with iPhone Camera Today

For teachers still working in paper-based classrooms, Quick Key Mobile has finally launched and it aims to change the way you mark your tests and quizzes forever. We previously covered Quick Key back in June when it was still in development, created by Walter Duncan, a middle school teacher who has now dedicated his job to Quick Key.

What does Quick Key do?

Quick Key turns your phone into an optical scanner to grade quizzes, tests, and surveys on paper, up to 30 questions long. Then, Quick Key allows you to run analytics right on your phone, then upload the data to your electronic grade book.

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Quick Key is free to use. Teachers sign up on their website, where they’ll get access to the free QuickTicket, a customized ‘scantron’ that can be easily graded with the app via your iPhone’s camera.

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An issue some teachers may question is privacy when it comes to student data since grades will be uploaded to the Quick Key website. One could create nicknames for students or only rely on new student numbers to make data anonymous. Duncan explains an SSL certificate secures all data moving from your iPhone to the server, which is encrypted and secured through their host, Heroku.

I have a lot of elementary and middle school teacher friends who will make good use of an app like Quick Key.

Click here to download Quick Key–it’s free. Teachers–let us know what you think of this app!