Rovio Announces ‘Rovio Account’ to Sync Games Across Devices

Rovio this morning has announced the launch of Rovio Account, a new service to allow its gamers to sync game progress across devices:

Rovio Account lets you store your game progress and continue playing on another device.

Some of you may have noticed a new feature in your Rovio games called Rovio Account. Our fans have been asking for a way to play their game on different phones or tablets without losing their progress when changing the device. This is exactly what Rovio Account lets you do!

Users will be required to register with an email address to save their data with Rovio Account. You will be able to combine your progress from several devices such as scores and stars and merge them into your cloud save.

Currently, Rovio Account is only available in The Croods game worldwide, plus the classic Angry Birds game on iOS in Finland and Poland. The new feature will gradually make its way into more countries in the future.