RunKeeper Launches ‘Breeze’ Activity Tracker for your iPhone

The activity tracking app space has added another one today, with the launch of Breeze, from the makers of RunKeeper. The app uses your motion activity stored within the M7 motion coprocessor found in the iPhone 5s:

Breeze helps you effortlessly improve your fitness by giving you guidance and motivation to be more active every day, using your iPhone 5S.

Breeze unlocks your iPhone 5s’s hidden activity tracker to automatically monitor your steps and movement, reach out with real-time coaching around the progress you’re making, and celebrate the smart choices you make throughout your day.

Breeze is elegantly designed and keeps track of your daily ‘steps’ and also helps you set goals to surpass the steps taken in previous days. You can easily share your progress on social networks and RunKeeper says the app will ‘save your battery’ as it is smart when it comes to energy levels, since data is taken from the M7 chip.

Breeze iphone Breeze iphone 2

Check out the promo video below:

Last November, RunKeeper for iOS was updated to support motion activity from the iPhone 5s.

Click here to download Breeze for iPhone—it’s free. Let us know how you like this app!