Ruzzle Adventure: An Intense Word Puzzle Game [Review]

Ruzzle Adventure is a word-search game with a variety of intense and challenging levels that keep it fresh and exciting. This is great because there are enough levels in this adventure to keep you mentally stimulated for weeks.

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There are 150 levels and each has 3 stars to earn in addition to a high score to top

Each level has you searching for words within a move or time limit, but there is always one more thing that will set it apart from the last. You may have to move ‘x’ number of gems to the bottom, or break letters made of wood or stone by making words with them. You might also have to find words as fast as you can so you keeping climbing and avoid drowning in a well filling with water.

There are also four unique ‘boosters’, like shuffling all the letters, which you have access to one in each level; they can be really helpful when you’re stuck. Also, the boosters slowly regenerate after you use them, so if take long enough breaks you’ll always have them available.

I enjoyed the rising water levels, even though the more I think about it, they felt like a trap in a bad horror movie where a psychopathic English Teacher was forcing people to spell words or drown to death.

The threat of drowning added a lot of intensity and urgency that I haven’t seen in many word games. Also, even though Ruzzle Adventure is free-to-play with in-app purchases, I’ve was able to play for hours without the need to spend any money.

That said, when I inevitably ran out of hearts (5 total and 1 lost each time I failed a level) or boosters it could be hours before they came back. However, these forced breaks did give me ample opportunity to learn the dictionary.

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A time-limit and especially the fear of drowning make these levels intense

Ruzzle Adventure is challenging and at times an intense word-search game. If you enjoy word games, you should download Ruzzle Adventure for free from the App Store (it’s currently featured)–you won’t be disappointed. Then, tell us about your favourite word game.