‘Service’ for iOS Has Saved Users 5000+ Hours of Time, Recovered Over $1 Million

If you hate waiting on the phone to deal with your customer service issues, such as getting a refund on airline tickets, or getting delivery fees waived for late deliveries, adjusting appointment times or credits for bad service at a restaurant, the app Service can do it all for you.

The Los Angeles-based startup and its app Service, is focussed on customers in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., but also is available worldwide.

Today it has announced it has saved its customers from the equivalent of 5,000 hours and over one million dollars, from businesses they were unhappy with.

How Service makes money is it will now charge customers 30% of what they recover for you, as a fee for their work. If they are unable to recover anything, there is no charge, as they company says they only get paid when they deliver results, as their slogan is “Make it Right”.

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They now also provide an estimate on what users can expect to recover “for certain airline cases”, while also rolled out their referral program so you and your friends can save even more.

Service founder, Michael Schneider, told TechCrunch in 2015, on how Service deals with companies:

“We don’t drag the company through the mud. We’re private and discreet. There is no blackmail involved. We want to become a verb. It’s of huge advantage to companies to stop the trashing on social media. Right now we are free to both companies and customers as we figure out a model,” he told me. “We’re building software to scale. Three months ago it took us 30 mins solve a complaint. Now it takes us 15 minutes. There is a lot of automation going on underneath the hood.”

The app has an average 4 out of 5 stars rating in the Canadian App Store, and so far users in Canada seem pleased with this app. One user review claimed how they spent five months dealing with Whirlpool, trying to get a response on a repair issue. Service was able to do the work in three weeks and get a full refund for the repair for the customer.

The app reminds me somewhat of TalkTo when it was available in Canada, but now with a business model.

If you want to give Service a try, click here to sign up and get $20 credit towards your first case (referral link). Let us know how it works out.