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Spotify’s Sleep Timer Is Finally Coming To iOS Devices

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Source: Spotify

Spotify has finally added a sleep timer function to iOS devices. This feature has been in popular demand since earlier this year when Spotify added the ability to the Android version. Luckily, as of yesterday, iOS users can now reap the benefits of peacefully falling asleep to their favourite playlists.

As reported by Engadget, users should expect to see the available update rollout worldwide sometime soon. The update first launched yesterday afternoon. However, it may take some time for users to receive the update on their devices. Once updated, Spotify users can select their playlist of choice as they hit the hay. From the “Now Playing” screen, users are able to tap the three small dots in the upper-righthand corner and find that a new “Sleep Timer” will be available. This will allow the user to select a time between 5 minutes and an hour.

The Sleep Timer function has been available on the Android version since May of this year. Apple Music subscribers have been able to use a similar function, but with a few more added steps. Instead of a sleep timer being baked into the app itself, a “Stop Playing” option can be found in the Timer window of the Clock app.

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As of writing this, the Spotify update has not been available to us here at iPhone in Canada. However, it’ll be music to our ears once we hear it is.

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