Star Wars: Tiny Death Star [Review]

Ever since I saw Star Wars: A New Hope I wondered, “how did they build the Death Star?” Thanks to Star Wars: Tiny Death Star I have the answer, one floor at a time.

photo 3

photo 3

There is always something to do when you open Tiny Death Star

If you enjoy playing Tiny Tower, then you’ll also like Tiny Death Star as the two are very similar. In Tiny Death Star you build Star Wars themed floors that are either apartments for Bitizens/employees, businesses to earn you cash or Imperial to craft specific items. Each of your apartment floors can hold 5 Bitizens, so you have to be picky on who to keep and evict, as higher level Bitizens restock businesses faster. Each of your businesses employ 3 Bitizen and they all sell one item that needs to be restocked periodically so they can continue to sell it and earn you coins. All your Imperial floors occupy the “basement” levels, where you craft a unique item on each to earn rewards.

I really like Tiny Death Star and I can’t get enough of it. Whenever I open it there is always something to do and since each tasks earn me a reward I’m happy to complete them. Also, I don’t mind waiting hours for floors to be built, stock to be sold, then restocked, because I want to see what surprises are coming next. I’m going to keep coming back so I can build every floor and collect every character and scene; and when I have everything I hope to discover that the Death Star will be blown up a la the end of episode 4 or 6, because though this would be tragic having spent weeks if not months building the thing, this would also feel right.

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Completing the Emperor’s tasks earns you coins and building floors and sending a certain characters there unlocks funny scenes

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, Tiny Tower or ever wondered what building a Death Star is like you can download Star Wars: Tiny Death Star for free from the App Store. Then, tell us if you think the game should end with your Death Star exploding.