Starbucks Canada App Adds $5 Tip Option for Your Baristas During COVID-19

Starbucks ios app

Last month, Starbucks locations closed all seating areas and moved to mobile order only, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While seating areas are closed, Starbucks remains open as baristas continue to work through the coronavirus pandemic. With this in mind, the Starbucks Canada iOS app has been updated today to now allow customers to give a $5 tip option for baristas.

“Thank you to our customers and baristas during this challenging time. We’ve introduced a $5 tip option for those that want to recognize our amazing baristas,” reads the Starbucks update.

Also new for both the Starbucks Canada app on iOS and Android, is a faster way to pay for your coffee. When you tap the “Scan” button within the app for your in-store payment, it now opens your default Starbucks card, with the barcode ready and waiting to be be scanned.

Starbucks (and McDonald’s) are currently offering free coffee to first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to download Starbucks Canada for iOS in the App Store.