SwiftKey Launches First iOS App, SwiftKey Note for Accurate Typing

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SwiftKey has launched their first app for iOS users, called SwiftKey Note, which was leaked earlier last week by @evleaks. The company says SwiftKey Note is the ‘fastest’ way to take notes on iOS:

SwiftKey Note is the fastest way to take notes on iOS. Packed with all the magical prediction power and learning ability that our technology is famous for, the app suggests words as you type that are uniquely tailored to your writing style. It also includes our hallmark next-word predictions, letting you speed through your notes.

Essentially as you type within SwiftKey Note, a predictive bar which sits above the iOS keyboard shows suggested words for you, which you can quickly tap to insert.

After a quick test with the app the technology does work pretty well and SwiftKey Note will learn as you continue to use it. Users can also swipe to the right along the predictive text bar to bring up text formatting options.

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Also, users can connect their Evernote accounts to sync and backup their notes as well. Check out the promo video below:

Using SwiftKey Note to type out emails or other documents might save you type thanks to its predictive text. However, the only issue is remembering to launch the app when you really need to get things done.

Due to limitations of Apple’s iOS SDK, we may never get to experience SwiftKey’s free flowing typing experience Android users have long had access to.

Click here to download SwiftKey Note for iPhone and iPad—it’s free. Let us know what you think of it!