Take Photos Without Anyone Knowing With “I Spy U” For iPhone

I Spy U is a new iOS app (works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) that allows you to take photos without anyone knowing!

The app is very simple, with an equally simple interface, where you are presented with a blank screen and, by using specific finger gesures, you can take photos without anyone noticing.

The blank screen replaces the normal camera view so anyone standing near you may simply think you are doing nothing with your iOS device.

All you do is hold your iOS device at the height and angle that you want to take your photo, perform the desired gesture and the spy shot is taken. The gestures to take a photo are:

Front-Facing Camera

  • Swipe up to enable the front camera
  • Tap the upper-right corner of your device display to take a photo

Back-Facing Camera

  • Swipe down to enable the back camera
  • Tap the bottom-right corner of your device display to take a photo

The app is quite neat, has numerous beneficial (and creepy!) uses and can be used anywhere! Check it out!

I Spy U is available in the App Store for $0.99.