theIRapp Launches in Canada to Create Mobile Apps for Companies on the TSX

For publicly traded companies on the TSX, a new service has made its way to Canada to offer a simple solution to go mobile for its investors. theIRapp previously was available only in the U.S., but now it is offering its services to Canadian companies to design and launch iPhone and Android investor relations apps within 2-3 weeks, at a much lower cost.

We spoke with theIRapp founder, Jeff Corbin, and asked how is their offering different than a company making its own investor relations app? He responded with:

“The most important difference is time and cost. For a company to start from scratch, or hire an app developer, the costs could be upwards of $20,000 and takes months to build. We’re introducing the IRapp as a turn-key solution – the company just needs to provide a ticker symbol and a logo. And that’s it; the company’s IT or web development teams don’t have to lift a finger, and the company gets a customizable mobile application that’s ready in 2-3 weeks.

It’s an Android and Apple-ready, customized app that requires NO effort to implement – no company IT involvement or linkage to IR website. It offers investors direct access to critical company information, Real-time automated company information available at the touch of an app. The Content Management System (CMS) tool for easy update of corporate/non-data feed materials, live stock related information and SEC filings as well as company communications such as presentations, audiocast conference calls, fact sheets, marketing materials and videos.”

Taking a look at existing apps created by theIRapp, such as the one below by MagneGas, these are simple apps that do the job to pass along pertinent information to investors and potential investors, and to also show off that your company is in the App Store and mobile ready. iPad versions are coming soon.

There’s an initial setup fee, with recurring fees for app management and updates. You can check out more info about theIRapp here. Do you know a company that needs an investor relations app? readers can get 10% off the setup fee by clicking here.