TimmyMe iOS App Update Brings Passbook Support for Payments

Do you hit up Tim Hortons daily? If you do and have been using the TimmyMe iOS app for payments, tonight’s update has finally brought Passbook support. This means you can now load up your My Tim Card into Passbook and have it pop up on your lockscreen at favourite locations of your choosing.

Timmyme passbook 2 Timmyme passbook

Timmyme passbook 3 Timmy me passbook 4

Also new in this update is a slight redesign of the app for simpler navigation and the overall app size has decreased as well.

Last December the coffee chain started testing out mobile payments with the app, but now it’s become mainstream and Passbook has finally arrived.

Tim Hortons relaunched the current TimmyMe iOS app back in the winter of 2011.

Click here to download TimmyMe for iOS—it’s free. Let us know how Passbook support works out for you!

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  • Phil Miller

    How is it faster with Passbook? Either way just needs a scan. So why or how is a Passbook scan faster than Tim’s app scan?

  • Crosseyedmofo

    passbook shows up in your lock screen if you select favorite stores thanks to the gps… no need to launch an app or even unlock your phone

  • Phil Miller

    ahhhh, wow, we have become a lazy society to get sound alerts when driving near a known business. LOL Gotcha, thanks!

  • Al

    We are not a lazy society. Time saving technology gives us more time to focus on other tasks. For example, the calculator didn’t cause us to stop thinking… It enables us to fathom more abstract problems. And Passbook doesn’t make us lazy… It gives us more time to check our tweets 🙂

  • Crosseyedmofo

    and lol at cat videos