Vancouver’s Trippeo for iOS Easily Tracks Business Expenses, Gets Major Update

You don’t spend money only sitting in front of your desktop. Actually, a big chunk of money is spent on the go: You take a cab, for example, or have a meal somewhere, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The same goes for your employees, and if you have more than one, well, expense tracking can become a hassle with a pile of paper receipts.

The best way to speed up and automate the process is to use an expense-tracker app. Vancouver-based Trippeo is one such app, and it is well worth your attention and money. Their iPhone app recently received a major update to bring a brand new user interface to make tracking business expenses even easier.


What makes Trippeo a great app is that its developers have focused on building a simple, easy-to-use, fun mobile experience that triggers interaction, while its competitors, such as Concur and Expensify, have focused on the administrative end of expense management.

Trippeo knows that the key to good expensing software is a workforce that actually uses it, Katie Fritz tells iPhone in Canada. That’s why we’ve built an app that focuses on integrating the task into the daily life of the business traveller. With approvals and reimbursements built directly in the flow of the app, the end-user is incentivized to get their reports in quickly: once approved, reimbursements are doled out within 24hrs. And as for the finance team? They can use our desktop (or mobile, be free!) to set limits on costs incurred.

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The app has just undergone a major update, so be sure to check it out. There’s also an Apple Watch app to track expenses right from your wrist as well.

trippeo apple watch

Trippeo is available for free for 30 days, but after that there is a $5 per month per user fee (when paid annually), which unlocks all features, such as unlimited expense tracking, unlimited expense reports, unlimited credit card integrations, and more.

Click here to download Trippeo for iPhone in the App Store.