Valentine’s Day 2012: 14 Best Free Apps For Your Love [Download]

So you’ve already bought that perfect bouquet and a box of chocolates to surprise your loved one on this Valentine’s day but how about a free romantic app to go with it? It’s called the Valentine’s Day 2012: 14 Best Free apps for your Love, which is basically a 14-apps-in-1 download for your beloved’s iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. The app will present 14 golden hearts to your partner asking him or her to pick one. When tapped, it will instantly start downloading a Valentine’s Day app from the best 14 free apps handpicked by the developer from the App Store.

While users interact with the app’s games, their score goes up on a “love thermometer”, which unlocks bonus gifts and free Valentine’s Day songs that can be downloaded from iTunes directly onto their iOS devices.

Below is the official iTunes description:

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that either fills you with joy or dread. This year MagicSolver plans to make it a day of joy for all!

Whether you have already found the love of your life or you are still looking, this is the app for you. Valentine’s Day 2012 – 14 free apps for love, unlocks a free app each day to help make this year’s 14th February the loveliest yet.

Among an ocean of over 500,000 apps on the App Store, MagicSolver has picked the best 14 free apps to surprise your love on Valentine’s Day… or to help you find that special person if you are single.

So whether you are single or already have found your heartthrob, each day you will be able to unlock a gift relevant to you.


– Enjoy a selection of great melodies to get in the mood. Just shake your iPhone/iPod to change the tune!

– Win bonuses – the more hearts you open the more your love’o’meter will fill up, revealing bonuses, which opens up new surprises and free songs.