Vancouver Hopes to Boost Voter Turnout with App

Earlier this month The City of Vancouver released a free iPhone app that aims to increase voter turnout for the November 19th civic election.

The app lists election-related information, such as, including election and pre-election dates, candidates’ biographies, will tell you what polling station to vote at, what ID is required, and how to vote by mail. It also pushes out civic news.

Some interesting information:

  • Traditionally less than a third of eligible voter vote in Vancouver’s civic elections.
  • The cities 2011 election has doubled the number of advanced polls to eight.
  • The city spent “less than $10,000” developing the app.
  • The cities election budget is just under $1.8 million.


If you live in Vancouver, head on over to the iTunes Store for the free download.

[Vancouver Sun]