Vhoto Extracts the Best Pictures from your Videos [Review]

Vhoto is a different kind of photo app, because it finds “the best pictures” from videos. Even more specifically, it’s about finding “the best pictures” of your and your friend’s and family’s faces. It’s basically a selfie app.

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You have to make an account with Vhoto before you can start using it

You start by making a video that’s no longer than 20 seconds and Vhoto will look through the video and give you “the best pictures.” From this list of pictures you can select any of them and apply a standard suite of photo editing options, such as contrast and brightness adjustment and black and white or sepia colour palette. You can then share your pictures on Vhoto’s social network and apply hashtags. You can also follow friends and hashtags to stay current with their latest pictures.

I was surprised how well Vhoto captured good images of my face. I tried to get Vhoto is mess up by intentional shaking my iPhone, looking away, closing my eyes, waving my hands in front of the lens, etc and 95% of the photos looked good. There was the occasional blurry picture, but in the rest I was in focus, staring at the camera and in the centre of the frame.

However, I was also surprised, but this time disappointed that I had to make an account with Vhoto before I could try the app. I could understand not being able to share pictures without an account, but not being able to use the app at all is lame.

One more thing, my experience using Vhoto to capture landscape and fish was so-so. Most of the pictures Vhoto selected from my panning videos as “the best” were out of focus. The rest were fine, but I could have used the standard camera app to take them.

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Vhoto is also a social network where you can follow friends and hashtags and share photos

Vhoto can find some good pictures of faces, but you’re forced to make an account to simply try the app. You can download Vhoto for free from the App Store. Then tell us if you were able to take some good selfies.