‘VHS Camcorder’ Turns your iPhone into a Nostalgic Video Camera [Promo Codes]

If you’ve missing out on the days of grainy video shot on your family massive VHS camcorder, it’s now possible again right on your iPhone. A new app called VHS Camcorder for iPhone and iPad is pretty self explanatory and is a pure joy to use, so you can shoot “videos that look and sound like videotape recordings that have been in storage for 30 years.”

The app is incredibly simple to use, especially after the awesome VHS cover launch screen. Tap ‘REC’ and instantly you’ll start filming grainy video, which can ‘get worse’ if you tap the screen or tilt your device (option can be toggled on/off).

You can have the nostalgic slow-zoom by tapping and holding the on screen “T” and “W” icons. Even audio is impacted in your videos to sound hissy and horrible, for that realistic throwback to the ‘80s.

For example, did you know Apple Watch was actually available back in 1986? Check it out below!

IMG 0075

Image via Marty McFly

The app looks simple but there are a variety of settings to choose from. You can opt for widescreen videos, various video resolutions and frame rates, plus you can spoof the recording date to whatever you please, or shoot in black and white.

IMG 0073

IMG 0072

Videos recorded can be shared within the app using the iOS share sheet. We’d like to see an option to save videos to your Camera Roll.

VHS Camcorder was created by L.A.-based post-production company Rarevision, which sent us a promo code to try out their app. After launching last week, it has currently shot up the App Store ranks, currently sitting in the 7th spot under Paid Apps in Canada. It’s currently only available for iOS, but an Android app is planned.

One more thing…

Rarevision has graciously donated three promo codes to iPhoneinCanada.ca readers to try. Enjoy!


VHS Camcorder costs $4.59 CAD in the App Store, which is normally more than the $1 or $2 you usually spend, but it’s a polished, well-thought out app that’s fun to use and will definitely fool your friends. Recommended.