Waterloo Taxi iPhone App Launches to Compete with Uber, First Ride Free

Uber launched back in late July in the Waterloo Region, part of a larger debut of the ‘ridesharing’ service in Southwestern Ontario. Despite warnings from bylaws offers in the Waterloo Region stating Uber Drivers could face fines of up to $250, the service still operates.

While regular taxi drivers have protested Uber, Waterloo Taxi is fighting back with the launch of their new iPhone app, which allows customers to order a cab from their smartphone.

The app allows users to request a taxi by sending their current GPS location or selecting an address on a map, along with push notifications to alert people when cabs are on the way or will be late. Tracking features also display their current cab’s location on a map, while the app allows users to send and receive messages from drivers.

For payment, users can pre-register a credit card to pay or via PayPal, with option to leave a gratuity.

• Request a taxi cab right now, or select a future date and time for pick-up.
• Don’t know your location? – Send the taxi to your current GPS position.
• You can also tap a location on a map, or type in a pick-up address.
• Select a pickup or drop-off address from your phone’s Contacts list.
• Save a pick-up address as a favorite, and use it for future bookings.
• Select booking options for your cab (wheelchair accessible, pet-friendly, etc.)
• Get a fare estimate based on map distance between pickup and destination.
• Send additional info the driver – type a message, up to 255 characters.
• A confirmation message lets you know your booking request was accepted.
• Push notifications alert you when your cab is on the way, and when it has arrived.
• Push notification alerts you if your cab is late. You can choose to keep waiting or cancel the booking.

Waterloo taxi Waterloo taxi phone

Waterloo Taxi president Peter Neufeld told CBC News the app’s recent launch was timed with Uber’s arrival into the region. First time users can get their first ride free, he says. Neufeld told CTV News the app is “an improved version” of Uber as it’s newer, despite costing $14,000 to create, a project three years in the making.

Let us know if you’re going to be using this or Uber, folks.

Click here to download Waterloo Taxi for iPhone in the App Store.