Win an iPod Touch with Snake XT!

Mark your calendar for Saturday August 29 2009!

Snake XT by Sookie Solutions LLC

Snake XT plays like your typical Snake game where you collect “food” to build your snake, avoid obstacles and gain points. However, Snake XT is a little different because it offers two game modes; Challenge and Arcade.

The Challenge mode is the classic version of Snake. Simply eat as many pellets as you can and try to get the highest score by making your snake the longest that it can be. You can also collect bonus power-ups along the way to increase your lives and score.

The Arcade mode consists of 28 levels with seven different worlds. As you progress through each level, your snake’s speed increases and the game becomes increasingly difficult.

In either mode, challenge or arcade, you must watch out for obstacles such as walls, rocks and your own tail!

Snake XT Competition

On Saturday August 29 2009, Snake XT will be hosting a worldwide contest with the top winners scoring themselves an Apple iPod Touch.

On that date, Snake XT is going to reset the Global High Scores so everyone is on an even playing field. The first place winner in each game mode, arcade and challenge, wins an iPod Touch and the title of “Snake Xtreme World Champion”.

As a bonus, the first two people to catch a “tricky leprechaun” twice that spawns randomly throughout the maps will win an iTunes Gift Card.

The competition runs for one week and will conclude on Sunday September 6 2009 at 12:00PM EST.

How to Play

In order to enter into the contest, you must have the full version of Snake XT.

Snake XT is available in iTunes App Store for $0.99.

You can also pick up the Lite version of Snake XT for free for some extra practice.