Wine Tripper British Columbia & Ontario Edition For iPhone

Here’s a great set of Canadian apps to wrap up the summer! For those of us who are wine drinkers, or just enjoy wine tasting, Wine Tripper for iPhone is a nice treat.

While the app is called “Wine Tripper”, there are two different editions; British Columbia and Ontario. As you may have guessed, both apps give users an iOS app to explore the wineries of the specific region, in this case British Columbia or Ontario.

Between the two apps, there are almost 400 wineries to explore using integrated Google Maps to find the locations. Each winery in the app features the operating hours, contact information, and ratings/comments.

You can further keep track of your wineries, and purchased wines, by rating them, marking them as favorites or by inputting winery-specific notes if you need to remember something, for example.

In what I find to be a really great feature is that you can send your wine and winery ratings and favorites anonymously to Wine Tripper which allows other users to see overall ratings of wines or wineries for British Columbia or Ontario at

Overall the apps are really nice with a clean interface and useful features. If you live British Columbia or Ontario and plan on doing some wine exploring this summer, check these apps out!

The Ontario and British Columbia Editions are available for $2.99 each in the App Store.