Apple Renames its WWDC App to the Apple Developer App

Apple developer app

Apple announced to developers yesterday its WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) app “is now the Apple Developer app and delivers in-depth information from Apple experts all year round.”

The app will allow developers to “stay up to date with the latest developer news, informative videos, WWDC content, and more.”

Apple developer app dark mode

With the Apple Developer app, Apple says “Developers in the U.S. can also use the app to conveniently enroll in the Apple Developer Program on iPhone or iPad, with enrollment in additional countries and regions becoming available over time.”

Developers paying for an annual membership will be able to use the new Apple Developer app to manage their account.

Version 8.0 of the WWDC app is now known as the Apple Developer app, which comes with a new Discover tab, an “enhanced search UI”, plus Dark Mode support for iOS 13. Apple says the app also now supports Korean, while includes other unnamed enhancements and bug fixes.

Click here to download the Apple Developer app in the App Store. Could we see WWDC renamed in 2020 to the Apple Developer Conference instead of WWDC?