ABC Nightline Looks Into the Current Fall of Apple’s Stock Price

After Apple shares dropped to their lowest level in five months ($547.59, down 1.87% today), ABC News Nightline has taken Apple and iThings under its wing and asked the question everybody is wondering: did Apple lose its shine?

Apple stock price

We have seen several great new Apple mobile product launches during the past few months. There has been the iPhone 5 which strugged with supply shortages, due to Foxconn’s inability to meet high demand, the latest generation iPod Touch, and the eagerly awaited iPad mini is here as well.

With iOS 6 and iPhone 5, Apple recorded a drop in consumer satisfaction as well, but the biggest shock was that Scott Forstall is leaving Apple next year. The executive management shuffle was a totally unexpected move from Apple, which obviously affected its stock price.

[Via Fortune]