All-Star Cast Honors Steve Jobs At Webby Awards

Held in New York City, last night was the 2012 Webby Awards. Aside from honoring the best and brightest of the web, the show assembled an all-star cast to honor Steve Jobs.

The tribute to Steve was introduced by John Hodgman and Justin Long, better known for their PC versus Mac Apple commercials.

After Justin and John came the main part of the tribute that was perfectly done by actor Richard Dreyfuss. For those that are unaware, Richard Dreyfuss was the voice of Apple’s “The Crazy Ones” advertisement.

The tribute concluded with a video of people from across entertainment, technology, and politics giving tribute to Steve Jobs. Those people included President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, George Lucas, Bono, Stephen Colbert, Buzz Aldrin, and more.

Check it out.