‘Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City’ from Snowman is Coming to Apple Arcade “Soon”

Toronto-based studio Snowman has announced that its latest game Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City will be releasing on Apple Arcade “soon”.

Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City is not quite a new entry to Snowman’s Alto series. It would appear as though The Lost City is an expansion of sorts to 2018’s Alto’s Odyssey. The game is said to offer players new discoveries as well as innovate off the endless sandboarding gameplay Snowman has used in the series since 2016’s Alto’s Adventure.

Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City, when released, will become a part of Apple Arcade. Snowman states that the game will span multiple biomes including dunes, canyons, temples, and of course, The Lost City. The game will feature six playable characters as well as a Photo Mode.

Once released, Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City will be playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City will support iCloud for saving data so players can take their progress across each device.

Apple Arcade is available for $5.99 CAD per month.