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Analysts Claim over 2 Million iPad minis Sold over the Weekend

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Apple has just announced its iPad sales numbers for the first weekend, and Tim Cook seemed thrilled about the high demand for the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad. But since the press release kept the exact iPad mini sales data under lock and key, the main question remained unanswered: how did the iPad mini perform?

iPad mini

What we know is what Apple said in today’s statement: The iPad mini demand was beyond expectations, or let’s say beyond initial supply. One thing worth noting here is that Apple begin selling the iPad mini on November 2 in 30 countries across the globe.

But what do analysts think about the iPad mini sales? We picked up on some of the comments:

Brian Marshall of ISI Group, as cited by Bloomberg:

“We estimate at least two-thirds of the units are iPad minis. The iPad mini could blunt some of the competitive threat from low-priced Google and Amazon tablets.”

Gene Munster or Piper Jaffray, BusinessInsider:

“The basis for our estimate is that in our line surveys, roughly nine out of every ten customers was waiting to purchase an iPad Mini rather than a full-sized iPad. Given our estimate range for the iPad Mini at launch weekend of 2-2.5m, 2 million implies 66% of total weekend iPad sales would have been iPad Minis, while 2.5 million implies 83% of total sales would have been Minis.”

J.P.Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz agreed that most first-weekend sales likely were for the iPad Mini, CNET writes

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