Apple Adds Gifting Option to iBookstore


Just in time for Christmas, Apple has added a gifting option to the iBookstore. First spotted by Macworld, this tiny little feature that was missing from Apple’s digital bookstore is a welcome addition for all those who like to read eBooks and also have family and friends who opt to read digital books instead of traditional printed books.

The App Store has had the gifting feature for three years now, and iTunes had it well before that, so the iBookstore was the last one to receive this missing convenient feature, which makes gifting for eBook lovers easier.

The process doesn’t differ from what you have already become familiar with while using it in the App Store or iTunes Store: After you have chosen the title (the book you want to gift), tap “Share” on the iDevice, and from the options, pick “Gift.” You will be prompted to enter the recipient’s email address, a short message, and the date of delivery.

Will you gift eBooks to your loved ones?