Apple Donating Money to Haiti Following Recent Earthquake

Following the devastating earthquake that affected Haiti this weekend, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded by committing to donate to relief efforts and help in the recovery.

On Saturday, Haiti was hit by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake. The crisis is said to have injured an estimated 5,700 and sees a rising death toll of more than 1,200 at the time of writing. Following the earthquake, Cook tweeted a commitment to helping the affected communities.

Our hearts are with all those in Haiti who are once again facing the consequences of a devastating earthquake. Apple will be donating to assist relief and recovery efforts in the affected communities.

Haiti has been placed under a one-month state of emergency as the earthquake destroyed multiple buildings, homes, and recreational facilities. Local hospitals are also said to be overwhelmed by those affected over the weekend.

Apple has often donated funds to communities and countries in times of need. More recently, Apple donated medical supplies, including millions of masks, and other resources to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19. Apple also donated $7 million to China in order to help the country fight the pandemic.

It wasn’t too long ago that Haiti fought another devastating earthquake. In 2010, a 7-magnitude earthquake struck the country on January 12th. It took the lives of more than 200,000 people.