Apple & HTC Agree To Show Their License Agreement To Samsung, Except The Royalty Rate

Apple and HTC have recently reached a global settlement that includes the dismissal of all current lawsuits and a ten-year license agreement, with HTC agreeing to pay a speculated licensing fees of $6-8 for each Android device it sells to Apple. Today, a report published by FOSS Patents is claiming that Apple and HTC have agreed to show the lawyers for Samsung what their license agreement was, except for the exact royalty rate.

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While HTC CEO Peter Chou has already labelled the royalty fees on which the earlier reports have speculated ($6-$8 per unit) as “outrageous” and not true, Samsung’s lawyers are demanding access to the full, unredacted agreement. This pretty much suggests that HTC got a really great deal in this settlement and it doesn’t want anyone to know the exact details. Furthermore, Apple has also stated that they won’t give out the details either.

“Apple and HTC are happy to provide a redacted version, with only 33 words, which set forth the license fees HTC has to pay under the agreement, being redacted. And even the redacted version will be marked as “Highly Confidential – Attorneys’ Eyes Only”.

But Samsung’s lawyers still want access to the full, unredacted agreement, including the part on the royalty rate. It’s obvious that HTC does not want its competitors to know about its cost structures”.

Apple and Samsung are now scheduled to meet once again in the U.S. court on December 6 for a hearing about any permanent injunctions against Samsung’s products that infringe on Apple’s design patents.