Apple Introduces Shared Reminders To Web App

Apple has introduced ‘Shared Reminders’ to web app, a features that OS X Mountain Lion users have been able to use via the native Reminders app, points out MacRumors. The feature is also not available from the Reminders app in iOS 6.

Apple added Notes and Reminders web apps to last month, but didn’t add the Shared Reminders feature then. Since the feature has now been added to web app, Windows users and others needing to access iCloud via the service’s website can now also benefit from the new Shared Reminders.

Within the past several days, Apple has apparently rolled out shared reminders for the Reminders web app on, bringing the functionality closer to par with the native Mac app. There appears to be no word yet on whether the functionality will be making its way back into the iOS 6 Reminders app.

Are you using shared reminders on OS X Mountain Lion yet?