Apple Begins Pulling in iPhone 13 Component Orders Ahead of Production

Apple has reportedly begun pulling in its component orders ahead of production and well ahead of its fall release of the “iPhone 13”. Although the company has not alluded to what is in store with its next line of iPhones, Apple is expected to release this year’s iPhone around September or October.

Apple is reportedly busy setting the stage for the production of its flagship devices. According to a report from DigiTimes, Apple has begun pulling in its shipments of “passive components”. These components will play an intregal role in the production of this year’s iPhone. Word of this has come by way of DigiTimes’ sources in Apple’s Taiwan supply chain.

Typically, Apple tends to host an event in September each year to announce its latest iPhone alongside other devices such as the next iteration of the Apple Watch. In 2020, however, Apple had to delay its announcement and release schedule in order to bounce back from hurdles made through the pandemic.

Previously, it’s been reported that Apple will release four SKUs of its latest iteration of the iPhone. DigiTimes had stated that each model will feature LiDAR support. While Apple itself has not stated when to expect its fall event. However, in late 2020, TF International Securities had released a research note stating Apple’s launch schedule will be back to normal this year.

Although various components, especially chips, have been somewhat scarce this year, Apple’s proactiveness in working with its supply chain ahead of production may point to a relatively undisturbed release schedule. That said, only time will tell what inventory will be like this fall upon the launch of the new iPhone models.