Apple Has Ordered Sample iTV Displays for Mass Production Next Year [Rumour]

Apple’s rumoured iTV could be mass produced next year, at least according to a source close a Korean company that will allegedly manufacture display panels for the iPhone maker’s television set (via the Korea Herald).

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“The company is making 65-inch organic light-emitting diode sample panels for Apple’s iTV in collaboration with Apple,” said Lee Seung-woo, an analyst at Seoul-based IBK Securities. “However, it is not certain whether Apple will use it for the mass production of its long-rumored iTV as it is still running tests,” he added.

The source also revealed that about 2 million Apple iTVs with 65- and 77-inch LCD displays were projected to reach the market in the second half of this year. The plan, however, was delayed by another year after an Apple employee visit to the local manufacturer.

If we can believe the leaks, the delay has something to do with Apple’s switch from LCD displays to OLED displays for its TV. OLED seems to be better than LCD, due to its high definition and the potential of “curvedness”, John Seo, analyst at Shinhan Investment highlighted.

If Apple does switch to OLED, the Korean manufacturer will become the first supplier, as neither Japan Display nor Sharp is capable of mass producing the 65-inch OLED panels for these TV sets.

The rumour of the anticipated iTV comes after months of silence, as the company’s delayed TV plans were reportedly “iced”. Now, once again, we have a rumour of an unreleased product, which was delayed for years, and now has been delayed for another year.

What is worth noting here is that analysts are looking forward to the product releases and the new product categories Tim Cook promised back in February. Some of them are betting on the iWatch, whereas others would like to see the iTV materialize, especially since Apple’s hobby device, the Apple TV, has recorded tremendous growth, generating over $1 billion in revenue last year.