Apple News Launches Local News Offering in Canada

Apple News has expanded into Canada, offering local news content to users. The curated Canadian news experience includes content from CTV News, Toronto Star, Narcity, La Presse, and more.

The rollout of Apple News’ local experience in Canada is first being handled in Toronto and Montreal, as first discovered by Rene Ritchie. The Apple analyst detailed what is currently available to Canadian subscribers on Twitter.

Navigating the app, I was able to find a surprising number of local stories and features from news sources Including the aforementioned outlets, BlogTO, NOW, and Toronto Life are all available through the app.

Interestingly enough, Apple seemed to have quietly rolled out this update. Granted, the company has been continuously expanding the local reach of Apple News to users. Though, it’s curious as this is the first major expansion in the Canadian market. Previously, Apple News has expanded its curated local content in San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Houston, and other major cities in the US.

For those curious to look into the Canadian expansion, you can find Toronto news coverage here and Montreal content here.