Apple Outshines Competitors With Revenue And Profit Margins

You may realize that Apple doesn’t sell the most smartphones during each quarter, but does that really matter? This past quarter Samsung shipped out 50 million smartphones while Apple only shipped 26 million. Sure, Samsung had a significant lead, but guess who sells a wide-range of smartphones and profited bare-minimum from each sale. The answer is Samsung.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad during the second quarter accounted for 6 percent of all shipped devices. While that number isn’t the least-bit impressive, their revenue and profit margins were.

During the second quarter, Apple was able to sweep through taking away 43 percent of the industry’s revenue and 77 percent profits. Those figures are extremely large taking into consideration that Apple had a ‘weak’ quarter and only 6 percent of sales were of iPhones or iPads.

The number one point, as long as Apple’s profit margins stay arise, the longer the Cupertino company will continue producing their blue ribbon products.

Taking it back to July 24th, Apple reported their third quarter earnings. Apple announced $35.0 billion in revenue and $8.8 billion net profits. iPhone sales were down, only selling 26 million handsets, while the iPad sold 17 million units, up 84 percent from last year.

[via AllThingsD]