Apple Patents Multi-Level Presence Sensing System

Apple is continuously improving its presence sensing system. As we previously reported, the company is exploring the possibilities of Sonar technology, but their recently released work (USPTO published Apple’s patent on November 15, 2012) reveals that the company is planning to place a number of other sensors sensitive enough to detect a user’s heartbeat or breath in a room.

Advanced sensing system

According to Apple’s recently awarded patent — noticed by Patently Apple — the company argues that these sensors could reduce a mobile device’s power consumption, providing an alternative solution to the already existing power-saving features and modes.

Apple’s alternative: placing advanced sensors into the device, and configuring the device to sense the presence or absence of a user and providing and operating state based on the presence or absence of the user.

The patented technology provides some amazing solutions in terms of user devices and user interaction: with advanced sensors on board, the device may be used to determine physiological parameters when a user is close to the device.

Its background is a more intelligent system that senses when its user approaches, and this triggers more energy-efficient system performance, a more intelligent power-saving mode, and even goes as far as skin tone detection.

[Image credit: Patently Apple]