Apple Revises ‘Made For iPad/iPhone/iPod’ Policies For Strict Control Over Lightning Accessories

In addition to using secret authenticator chips in the official Lightning cable and adapters, Apple has now made revisions to its Made For iPad/iPhone/iPod (MFi) policies in order to tighten control over the manufacturing of 3rd-party Lightning accessories, iLounge is reporting.

Multiple reliable sources have confirmed the news to iLounge that only Apple-approved manufacturing facilities will be allowed to produce Lightning connector accessories, including all third-party add ons. Furthermore, Apple is yet to approve any factories, which according to the sources, will limit the number of Lightning accessories available in the near future.

“One source notes that Apple is planning an MFi “seminar,” where it will discuss changes to the program and the rules for Lightning accessory development going forward. The seminar will be held in November in China, notes the source, after the point at which third-party Lightning accessories could be manufactured in time for holiday sale. Sources have further noted that the Lightning connector has proved difficult to copy, reducing the near-term likelihood of unauthorized third-party connector cables”.

The source also points out that “iTronz” Lightning Adapter listed at Amazon for sale last month has now been cancelled with vendor citing “very critical functional issue.”