Apple TV+ Film ‘On the Rocks’ to be the First Movie to Receive a Physical Release on Blu-Ray and DVD

Apple TV+ film ‘On the Rocks’ is now confirmed to be the first movie from the streaming service to receive a physical release on Blu-Ray and DVD. A24 and Lionsgate will be distributing the physical release, set to launch on October 26, 2021.

On the Rocks first hit Apple TV+ on October 23, 2020. It is directed by Sophia Coppola and stars Rashida Jones, Bill Murray, and Marlon Wayans in a story of a woman who reconnects with her father and goes on an adventure across New York when she becomes suspicious about her marriage. Now it appears as though it will also be receiving a physical release next month.

Word of a physical release was first reported on earlier in September by ScreenTimes’ Sigmund Judge. At the time, Judge heard through the grapevine that A24 was pursuing a Blu-Ray and DVD release for the film and Lionsgate would be onboard with the distribution. Now, Judge has confirmed that the plan is moving forward with a launch on October 26.

The film originally had a limited theatrical release prior to hitting the streaming service. On the Rocks received a number of critical accolade nominations including ‘Best Comedy’ and ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for Bill Murray’s role at the Critic’s Choice Movie Awards. Sophia Coppola was awarded the ‘Storyteller Award – Film’ award at the Final Draft Awards.

Although On the Rocks is the first film to leap off of Apple TV+ towards a physical release, series ‘Defending Jacob’ also did the same in July as Paramount decided to release the mini-series on Blu-Ray and DVD.