Foxconn Looks to Hire 200,000 Employees for iPhone 13 Production

We’re now a month or so away from the tentative release of Apple’s next major iPhone release. With the iPhone 13 on the horizon, key supplier Foxconn is looking to ramp up production by hiring 200,000 more employees.

According to a report from South China Morning Post, seen by AppleInsider, the general manager of Foxconn’s  Zhengzhou plant Wang Xue has expressed the pivotal role the plant plays in the production of the iPhone 13. Xue noted that the staffing employees has become the “biggest bottleneck” for the company, leading to the release of the new flagship devices.

Xue has said that the company is looking to hire 200,000 extra workers. As reported, the local government will be helping in this initiative. The assistance from the government will cover chartering 100 buses to “pick up job applicants from their communities and drop them at the factory gates,” says the local television report.

Foxconn will also be welcoming extra workers “at the current speed of recruitment.” Additionally, Foxconn will be conducting COVID-19 testing on-site in order to speed up the testing procedures and ensure its plant is safe for workers.

As of now, the release date of the iPhone 13 is being kept under wraps by Apple. However, recent rumours have pegged its launch date as being in the third week of September, which doesn’t give Foxconn all that much time to seek out its 200,000 new workers.