Google Details Tips on How to Make Your iPhone 13 a Google-Powered Smartphone

As the iPhone 13 is now readily available on the market, Google is taking this opportunity to help iOS users turn their iPhones into Google-powered machines.

In a blog post, Google’s head of iOS Luke Wroblewski details ways to take advantage of Google’s apps on Apple’s software. Starting off, Wroblewski goes over ways to incorporate Google onto your Home Screen via widgets. Examples show are iOS widgets for Google Maps for quick directions. Additionally, a widget for Google Drive is shown, YouTube Music, as well as Gmail’s widget.

On top of widgets, Wroblewski goes over other notable apps like Classroom and YouTube, which the head of iOS says are both great supplemental apps for studying. Smart Stacks for customizing and prioritizing widgets on your Home Screen is also noted in the blog post. Wroblewski also details how to set Chrome as the default browser on your iPhone and the benefits it may have in the way you browse the internet.

Overall, the blog post doesn’t note anything particularly innovative or new to an iOS user. Most likely, a lot of Google’s apps already live on your iPhone and co-exist alongside Apple’s apps. Perhaps deeper Google integration via widgets could prove useful but that’s on a user’s case-by-case basis.