iBooks Notification On Apple TV Clues At iOS 6 Support

Will Apple soon be activating iBooks on the Apple TV upon iOS 6’s release? That is a question I am asking myself now after reading AppleInsider’s latest findings.

They found that if you download an e-book from the iBookstore, an Apple TV running iOS 6 tied to the same iTunes account will display a reveling display message. The message says the user must activate automatic downloads to receive book samples. Devices including the iPhone and iPad will receive the exact same message too at times.

AppleInsider has more:

The potential use of iBooks on the Apple TV would be limited, as most users would not likely be interested in reading e-books from afar. In addition, Apple does not yet offer a version of iBooks for Mac, a platform that seems more likely to gain support for Apple’s e-book service.

In all honesty, I have to agree with the above statement. Apple would be more likely to bring iBooks to the Mac before the Apple TV. I can’t even begin to imagine reading a book on the TV while sitting at my couch; I would lose my focus. But this display message is very hinting, thus we shared it with you.

One reason noted by AppleInsider of why they might activate iBooks on the Apple TV is for classroom use. If the teacher uses a digital textbook, what’s better than following along right on the TV?

Would you be likely to read a book on your TV?