iFixit Ranks Microsoft’s Surface Pro Tablet As Less Repairable Than iPad

Gadget repair site iFixit has just cracked open the new Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet, and have ranked it even less repairable than Apple’s iPad 4, with a repairability score of just 1 out of a possible 10 (via TechCrunch). iFixit gave the iPad 4 a repairability score of 2 while the Microsoft Surface RT tablet had received a repairability score of 4.


The Surface Pro received a poor score because simply opening the tablet offers a high probability of completely cutting one of the four cables that surround the display due to strong adhesive on the battery and display. The tablet’s display assembly is also very hard to replace, with over 90 screws scattered through the device’s interior. Since the Surface RT was more repairable, the source believes it’s a “little disappointing to see” the more expensive Pro version fail on that score.

It should be no surprise, given how much of an emphasis Microsoft put on the Surface Pro’s design and attention to fitting as much power as they could inside such a small space. But iFixit still takes away marks from Microsoft for doing things they feel are unnecessary to the space-saving nature of the design, including gluing the battery in, which they call “planned obsolescence” which is “completely unnecessary.”

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