Instagram App for iPad Said to be Low Priority as Demand is Not Big Enough

For those hoping to see a native Instagram app available on iPad, it may be a while longer. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri clarified that the development of an iPad app is not currently a priority due to the market not being big enough.

Over on Twitter, Waveform host Marques Brownlee published a tweet about how in 2022 there was still no “proper Instagram app for iPad.” Mosseri then stepped in to respond. The head of the company then went on to say that there is not a “big enough group of people to be a priority.” Thankfully though, Mosseri did say that he and the company hope to “get to it at some point.”

The conversation could have ended there. Instead, Brownlee and Mosseri did share a couple more responses. Brownlee pushed back and inquired whether a naitive market would build on iPad if there was an available app. Surprisingly, Mosseri was an open book and provided reasons for the company’s hesitation to lean into an iPad app.

Mosseri stated that with each new platform, the overhead of the company is expanded. The head of Instagram explained that with iOS, Android, web, and Instagram Lite, the overhead is already large enough with Android being the biggest. Additionally, Mosseri said that with TikTok and YouTube being as big as they are, Instagram needs to adapt as “people share more in messages than they do to Stories or Feed.” Finally, and perhaps most surprisingly, he explained that the division is “leaner than you think.”

The support of an iPad app is one that Mosseri categorizes as “finally features.” These features have included support for dark mode, scheduling posts, and deleting a single image from a carousel. There were all features that took a lot of time to implement but were eventually supported. Given that Mosseri places the iPad app in the same bucket, there is still hope.

There’s no telling when an iPad app may launch. For now, users on Apple’s tablet must use the web in order to access the social media platform.