Apple Launches Webpage Highlighting Integrating Features Between iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple has debuted a new webpage that highlights a number of features users have at their disposal when using the iPhone and Apple Watch in unison.

The newly published webpage runs through a list of basic integration features iPhone and Apple Watch possess when used. “Add them together. Multiply their Power”, the webpage reads.

Right off the top, the page goes over the ability to answer or decline a call or FaceTime on the Apple Watch. Apple also notes that users can then tap on their iPhone to transfer the call over to their phones.

Afterwards, Apple gives a rundown of how easy it is to see and respond to messages on an Apple Watch. Rather than take out your iPhone, users can raise their wrist to see who messaged them. Using Siri, messages can be composed and sent using your voice. Apple Watch also supports Scribble, Tapback, and emojis.

Next up, the page relays information regarding the iPhone’s camera system. Using an Apple Watch, a user can set up a shot on iPhone by adjusting a timer, zooming in or out, and even switch between the iPhone’s front and back camera. Moreso, the Apple Watch can control setting such as turning HDR on or off and switching camera modes.

Apple also goes over the control features Apple Watch has over Apple Music. Playback features can all be accessed via the Apple Watch interface. Additionally, playlists, albums, podcasts, live radio, and audiobooks can all be accessed from an Apple Watch.

Finally, there’s a section dedicated to some of the health functions and quality of life features the two devices hold when used together. iPhones and Apple Watches are able to relay health information via the Health and Activity apps. Support for Apple Maps is available, as is Apple Pay on the Apple Watch. Users can even ping their iPhone with the Apple Watch to find it, or vice versa in the even a watch is misplaced.

While the product page does not tease any new products, Apple is readying itself to reveal a new product lineup this year. A showcase of features shared between iPhone and Apple Watch appears to be a good resource for potential customers.